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are hard to find. Yet, here we are. To request an event, please fill out the form below. In the comment section, please specify the type of entertainment you are looking for. For a Long Island Magician at a kids party, specify “kids party”. You can see my services here. For booking in the general tri-state area, please navigate to this link

I am fun, energetic and provide great entertainment for any birthday party or any special occasion. I am capable of servicing small, medium and large events across Long Island. Proudly servicing West Islip, Franklin Square, Mineola, Great Neck, Garden City, Hempstead, Westbury, Glen Cove, Oyster bay, Woodbury, Brentwood, Montauk Point and everywhere in between.

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The Science Of Magic

Scientists say they have pinpointed the brain region involved in a curious phenomenon called “change blindness”. Most of us know what it is like to look at something but fail to see the obvious, such as a traffic light turning green.

UK researchers at University College London, along with US colleagues from Princeton University, have located the brain’s parietal cortex as key.

There has been increasing evidence from brain scan studies to suggest that awareness of what we see is not only down to the part of the brain that processes visual information – the visual cortex – but also other brain regions.

Professor Nilli Lavie and colleagues at UCL focused on an area called the parietal cortex, which is involved with concentration.

Using a process called Trans cranial magnetic stimulation, which delivers currents to the brain; they were able to temporarily switch off the parietal cortex in nine healthy volunteers. When they did this, the volunteers failed to notice big changes in visual scenes, such as when one of four faces on a video screen was replaced by another face.

The exact critical spot in the parietal cortex lies just a few centimeters above and behind the right ear – the area many people scratch when concentration.

The researchers believe their findings explain change blindness, a phenomenon often exploited by magicians.

Magicians often exploit change blindness for their tricks